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Once submitted, I will email you a few suggestions to get you started, and send information about completing your Food and Mood Journal and Intake form before our first session together.


Choose a package or book individual sessions:

New Client Session: Initial Intake (Virtual) - $175

Start here! We'll discuss your goals, intake paperwork, and NAQ results in depth and create a personalized protocol. New clients must complete this appointment first. (90 min)

Follow Up Session: (Virtual) - $125

Follow up session to assess your progress and reevaluate your protocol. Established clients only. (45 min)

* If your last session was more than 3 months ago, you will need to complete an updated NAQ and Food & Mood Journal

"I knew something was wrong with my stomach, but I couldn’t figure it out what. Michelle helped me uncover my food allergies, and heal my gut. I feel SO much better, and now I don’t have to worry about indigestion ruining my day."

I really get to know you and listen to your story. 

How else will we get to the root of your health problems and find a long term solution?

I love simplicity, but we don’t do quick fixes here. 

Quick fixes = delayed recovery, side effects, and buying twice (three times, four times, etc.)

Some people tell me that they’re too far gone for nutrition to help them. That genetics are a curse, and they are destined to get x, y, z. But really, genetics and patterns can teach us how to take care of ourselves. 

If your dad, sister, cousin, grandpa had known about the needs of their specific body, would that have affected their overall health? Would they have made different choices? Avoided disease or discomfort?

This is what we can do with nutritional therapy. With knowledge comes options and the ability to change your health naturally and sustainably. My goal is for you to not need me long term. 

I always focus on food first, and if we need to, I bring in personalized, affordable, and high quality supplements.

I will teach you how to reconnect with and understand your body's needs. You’ll learn how to make informed choices about food, sleep health, energy and exercise, hormonal and sexual health, environmental toxins, and get a handle on any diagnosis you're managing. 

Odds are, nutrition will make a difference.